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American Government in Black and White

Diversity and Democracy

Fifth Edition

Author Paula D. McClain and Steven C. Tauber

Publication Date - 03 February 2021

ISBN: 9780197534205

736 pages

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The only introduction to American government text to examine politics through the lens of racial inequality


American Government in Black and White: Diversity and Democracy, Fifth Edition, covers the standard topics found in an Introduction to American Government text while also speaking to today's students who want to examine how racial inequality has shaped--and will continue to shape--who we are and what we believe. Authors Paula D. McClain and Steven C. Tauber address issues of inequality in American government, including the U.S. Constitution, key political institutions, the making of public policy while showing how to measure and evaluate the importance of equality in America, from its founding up to today.

New to this Edition

  • An updated suite of additional digital course materials--now available integrated into an Enhanced e-Book and assignable through most learning management systems--includes new weekly "In the News" features new Media Tutorials and Interactive Media Activities, and new Issue Navigator threaded message board activities that encourage civil debate on key topics
  • Analysis of the 2020 Election season, polling, and other data placing the results into political and cultural context for students.
  • Coverage of timely topics, including the Coronavirus pandemic and its impact on racial and ethnic minorities, George Floyd's murder and the resurgence of Black Lives Matter, the Trump Administration's impact on race relations and the LGBTQ+ community, and the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court
  • Enhanced and updated discussion to scholarly debates

About the Author(s)

Paula D. McClain is James B. Duke Distinguished Professor of Political Science and Professor of Public Policy, and Dean of the Graduate School and Vice Provost for Graduate Education at Duke University. She is the Immediate Past President of the American Political Science Association.

Steven C. Tauber is Professor of Political Science and former Chair of the School of Interdisciplinary Global Studies at the University of South Florida.


"This book is truly unique. I feel like students are getting two curricula in one, with a focus on both an introduction to American government and race and politics in the U.S."--Jennifer Sacco, Quinnipiac University

"American Government in Black and White surveys the basic issues of American politics in an original fashion. By examining racial attitudes and history, the insights drawn from the book are far different than those from other texts Students enjoy this focus, and it provides the basis for a more heartfelt and interesting discussion of the issues in class."--Richard Waterman, University of Kentucky

"American Government in Black and White gives a more complete picture of the historical nuances of the country's policies, and how groups have organized to try and impact the political process towards the betterment of society."--Maria Gabryszewska, Lone Star College-Cy Fair

Table of Contents

    To the Student
    1. American Government and Politics in a Racially Divided World
    2. The Constitution: Rights and Race Intertwined
    3. Federalism: Balancing Power, Balancing Rights
    4. Civil Liberties: Freedom and Government Authority in Tension
    5. Civil Rights: Inequality and Equality
    6. Congress: Representation and Lawmaking
    7. The Presidency: Conventional Wisdom Redefined
    8. The Bureaucracy: Career Government Employees, Accountability, and Race
    9. The Judiciary: Blending Law and Politics
    10. Public Opinion: Divided by Race?
    11. The Media: Reinforcing Racial Stereotypes?
    12. Social Movements: Civil Rights as a Movement Model
    13. Interest Groups: Good Outcomes with Few Resources
    14. Political Parties: Linking Voters and Governing Institutions
    15. Voting and Elections: From Obama to Clinton
    16. The Making of Domestic and Foreign Policy
    Appendix I: The Declaration of Independence
    Appendix II: The Constitution