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American Criminal Procedure Today

Author Frank Schmalleger and John Feldmeier

Publication Date - September 2022

ISBN: 9780197576823

576 pages
8 x 10 inches

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This comprehensive, engaging, and highly-illustrative book bridges the gap between the theoretical presentations of criminal procedure and the practical realities of working in the field.


Using real-world scenarios developed from actual field experiences, and authentic documents such as warrants, American Criminal Procedure Today bridges the gap between theoretical presentations of criminal procedure and on-the-job experiences. Comprehensive, conversational, and co-written by the one of the foremost authors in the Criminal Justice discipline.


  • In the Field is a special feature designed to make students aware that procedure is more than a set of abstract and theoretical concepts. Throughout each chapter, the book offers practical insights and advice regarding working on criminal cases. These features help introduce students to the realities of criminal practice and the role some of the theories, cases, and concepts play in day-to-day cases.
  • “The Law Where You Live” feature at the end of each chapter invites students to apply the materials to scenarios within contemporary settings and their own legal communities.
  • Ethical Principles within each chapter highlight a particular ethical rule or ethical consideration for legal assistants, paralegals, and other legal professionals. At the end of each chapter, an Ethics and Professionalism feature asks students to apply the ethical principles covered in that chapter to a factual scenario in which they may find themselves as a legal professional.
  • Excerpts of judicial opinions involving important issues of criminal procedure are placed within each chapter. These abbreviated cases provide briefing opportunities for those students who want to engage in this traditional practice used for legal research and writing projects. At the end of each excerpt, the authors provide questions for students to initiate discussion and ponder future application of the standards and concepts found within the court's ruling.
  • The text is flexible in its design, allowing for adoption and use in traditional Criminal Procedure or Criminal Justice Systems classes, or more general public-law-centered courses designed to prepare students for law school or other forms of legal training.

About the Author(s)

For years, the name Frank Schmalleger has been synonymous with scholarly and publishing excellence in the criminal justice field. Dr. Schmalleger is an acclaimed professor of criminal justice and has published dozens of textbooks and numerous scholarly articles exploring the highly dynamic world of crime, courts, and the criminally accused. In this project, Dr. Schmalleger joins with John Feldmeier, professor of political science, adjunct professor of law, and former criminal defense attorney, to produce a criminal procedure textbook that is designed to appeal to aspiring criminal justice professionals and other students interested in law.

Table of Contents

    Chapter 1 The Power of Criminal Procedure

    Chapter 2 The Many Layers and Constitutional Foundations of Criminal Procedure

    Chapter 3 Sources and Semantics of Criminal Procedure

    Chapter 4 The Administrative Beginnings of Criminal Procedure

    Chapter 5 Constitutional and Legal Standards for Obtaining Discovery and Other Evidence Prior to Trial

    Chapter 6 Pretrial Motions, Exclusionary Rule, and Plea Bargaining

    Chapter 7 The Fourth Amendment: Arrests and Seizures of Persons

    Chapter 8 The Fourth Amendment: Evidentiary Searches and Seizures

    Chapter 9 The Fifth Amendment: Right Against Self Incrimination

    Chapter 10 The Sixth Amendment Right to Counsel and Pretrial Identifications

    Chapter 11 The Right to a Fair Trial

    Chapter 12 Sentencing and Other Post-Verdict Trial Court Procedures

    Chapter 13 Criminal Appeals, Habeas Corpus, and other Post-Conviction Proceedings

    Appendix A Legal Research and Briefing

    Appendix B Constitution of the United States of America


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