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Agents, Causes, and Events

Essays on Indeterminism and Free Will

Edited by Timothy O'Connor

Publication Date - February 1995

ISBN: 9780195091564

288 pages
6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches

Table of Contents

    Part I. Problems for Indeterministic Accounts of Free Will
    1. Strawson/Libertarianism, Action and Self-Determination
    2. Nagel/The Problem of Autonomy
    3. Dennett/On Giving Libertarians What They Say They Want
    4. Double/Libertarianism and Rationality
    Part II. Indeterminism and Free Will: Contemporary Proposals
    5. Ginet/Reason and Explanation of Action: An Incompatibilist Account
    6. Chisholm/Agents, Causes and Events: The Problem of Free Will
    7. Nozik/Choice and Indeterminism
    8. Kane/Two Kinds of Incompatibilism
    9. Rowe/Two Concepts of Freedom
    10. O'Connor/Agent Causation
    11. Clarke/Toward a Credible Agent-Causal Account of Free Will
    Part III. Indeterminism and the Extent of Free Will
    12. Peter Van Inwagen/When is the Will Free?
    13. Fischer and Ravizza/When the Will is Free?