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A History of Their Own

Women in Europe From Prehistory to the Present

Revised Edition

Bonnie S. Anderson and Judith P. Zinsser

Publication Date - September 1999

ISBN: 9780195128390

634 pages
5-5/16 x 8 inches

Unique organization focuses on developments and changes in women's roles in society, rather than on historical chronology.


This classic two-volume history is an exciting and revolutionary look at women's history from prehistoric times to the present. Its unique organization focuses on the developments, achievements, and changes in women's roles in society. Rather than examining women's history as an inevitable progression of events along a strict timeline, this text is organized within a loose chronology, with chapters focusing on women's place and function in society. This revised edition provides a new introduction, an updated epilogue on women's lives in Europe since 1988, and a completely revised bibliography that includes recent scholarship. A History of Their Own restores women to the historical record, brings their history into focus, and provides models of female action and heroism. Lively and engaging, this new edition takes readers on a fascinating journey through women's history and the changing roles they have played. In addition it is an ideal text for general courses in women's studies and women's history and more specialized courses focusing on women in European history.
Volume Two covers the fifteenth century to the present. Topics include the roles of female monarchs and women of the court; the application of the new tools of the Scientific Revolution to prove traditional views of women; the salons and parlors of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and wealthy women's contributions to the arts and social services; the impact of city-living and the Industrial Revolution on women's roles and family life; and the emergence, evolution, and impact of the modern feminist movement.

Previous Publication Date(s)

May 1990

Table of Contents

    VI. Women of the Courts: Rulers, Patrons, and Attendants
    1. The World of Absolute Monarchs from the Fifteenth to the Eighteenth Centuries
    2. The Life of the Courtier
    3. The Traditional Life in a Grand Setting: Wife and Queen Consort
    4. Women Rulers
    5. New Opportunities
    6. The Legacies of Renaissance Humanism and the Scientific Revolution
    VII. Women of the Salons and Parlors: Ladies, Housewives, and Professionals
    1. Women in the Salons
    2. Women in the Parlors
    3. Leaving the Parlors
    4. Opportunities and Limits: Change and Tradition in the Twentieth Century
    VIII: Women of the Cities: Mothers, Workers, and Revolutionaries
    1. Family Life
    2. Earning Income
    3. Revolutions and Reforms
    4. Community and Change: Women in World War II and After
    IX. Traditions Rejected: A History of Feminism in Europe
    1. Feminism in Europe
    2. Asserting Women's Humanity: Early European Feminists
    3. Asserting Women's Legal and Political Equality: Equal Rights Movements in Europe
    4. Feminist Socialism in Europe
    5. The Women's Liberation Movement