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A History of the Great War

World War One and the International Crisis of the Early Twentieth Century

Eric Dorn Brose

Publication Date - April 2009

ISBN: 9780195181944

448 pages
6-1/2 x 9-1/4 inches

In Stock

Explicity global in scope, this comprehensive history also discusses World War I in its chronological entirety.


Known as the "Great War," World War One was one of history's greatest tragedies. It eventually dragged most of Europe and the world into its bloody quagmire, inflicting more than four years of suffering, misery, maiming, and death on the belligerent nations. Ideal for undergraduate and graduate courses, A History of the Great War: World War One and the International Crisis of the Early Twentieth Century is a brief yet comprehensive study that distinguishes itself from other textbooks in significant ways. Providing broader coverage than most texts, it discusses the phenomenon of the war in its chronological entirety. Author Eric Dorn Brose analyzes the forces that generated international tension and made wars more prevalent before 1914; the causes and course of the Great War to 1918; and the violent and problematic aftermath of the struggle to 1926. Rather than focusing exclusively on military developments, Brose also examines the war's underlying causes, its political and diplomatic dimensions, and its myriad consequences.
Explicitly global in scope, A History of the Great War offers a more extensive look at the worldwide side of the Great War than existing texts do, including coverage of the campaigns spanning Northeast Africa, Palestine, Mesopotamia, Central Asia, India, and the war at sea. In addition, the author incorporates and discusses recent groundbreaking research in the "Notes" section of each chapter, so that students can easily access it. The text is also enhanced by maps, photos, and an engaging vignette at the opening of each chapter that serves as an introduction.


"Brose confirms his status as a master scholar of modern war in this comprehensive, well-crafted account of the defining event of the twentieth century. His analysis of its origins shows the Great War was neither accidental nor inevitable. His balancing of great events and individual experiences enlightens as well as informs. His perceptive judgment of consequences suggests that for all its horrors, the war was also a step towards peace and social justice in Europe."--Dennis Showalter, Colorado College

"Brose builds effectively on recent global treatments of World War I. This welcome volume is also one of the few works of its kind to understand the war in relation to events that occurred before and after. As such, it places the war in a wide context and offers readers a deep understanding of this critical event in world history."--Michael S. Neiberg, The University of Southern Mississippi

"Brose's engaging and detailed A History of the Great War captures the complexity of the era. This well-written work utilizes up-to-date research and takes the reader on a journey from pre-war political, economic, and military challenges through the post-war legacy. The chapters on this world conflict thoroughly explore the ferocity of war and the struggle for peace."--Nancy Gentile Ford, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

Table of Contents

    PART ONE: INTO THE ABYSS 1871-1914
    1. The Long Descent
    2. From Peace to War
    PART TWO: THE ABYSS 1914-1918
    3. The Opening Campaigns 1914
    4. The Wider War 1914-1915
    5. The Stalemate in Europe 1915
    6. The Wider War 1915-1916
    7. Tipping Points in Europe 1916-1917
    8. War-Weariness and the Question of Peace in Europe 1917
    9. War, Politics, and Diplomacy in the Middle East and Russia 1917-1918
    10. The Last Furious Year of the Great War 1917-1918
    11. The Violent Aftermath of the Great War in Europe 1918-1926
    12. The Problematic Legacy of the Great War in the Wider World 1918-1926
    13. Epilogue: Bereavement, Economic Collapse, and the Climate for War

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