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A Guide to Composition Pedagogies

Second Edition

Edited by Gary Tate, Amy Rupiper Taggart, Kurt Schick, and H. Brooke Hessler

Publication Date - 30 November 2013

ISBN: 9780199922161

352 pages
6 x 9 inches

In Stock

The only bibliographic resource that offers readers the experience of a great graduate course in each chapter


Reflecting the rich complexity of contemporary college composition pedagogy, A Guide to Composition Pedagogies presents original essays on the most important approaches to teaching writing. Each essay is written by an experienced teacher/scholar and describes one of the major pedagogies employed today to familiarize newcomers with the topography of Composition Studies. An invaluable tool for graduate students and new teachers, this bibliographic resource provides an exceptional introduction to Composition Studies and the extensive range of available pedagogical approaches.

Now in its second edition, this guide substantially updates all chapters from the previous edition--on basic, collaborative, community-engaged, critical, expressive, feminist, process, Writing Across the Curriculum, and writing center pedagogies. It also features new chapters--"What Is Composition Pedagogy: An Introduction," "Genre," "Second Language Writing," "Literature and Writing," "New Media ," "Online and Hybrid," and "Research Writing"--and also an expanded chapter, "Rhetoric and Argumentation". The essays within now contain an increased focus on issues raised by diversity, each pedagogy's approach to assessment, and technology's effect on composition.

About the Author(s)

The late Gary Tate taught English for three decades at Texas Christian University, helping establish the discipline of Composition through his editorial work.

Amy Rupiper Taggart is Associate Professor and Associate Chair of English at North Dakota State University.

Kurt Schick is Associate Professor of Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication at James Madison University.

H. Brooke Hessler is Professor of English and Eleanor Lou Carrithers Chair of Writing at Oklahoma City University.

Previous Publication Date(s)

July 2000


"A Guide to Composition Pedagogies provides students with the theoretical framework that they will need to understand teaching composition and to develop their own pedagogical concepts. More importantly, it provides realistic, applicable examples of what can and does happen in composition classrooms and how instructors of composition shape students' college experiences as writers and thinkers."--Carol Zitzer-Comfort, California State University-Long Beach

"The second edition of A Guide offers a breadth of coverage, range of perspectives, and conciseness not found in many texts that help new and seasonsed composition teachers and scholars remain current on the climate of composition studies."--The Journal of Teaching Writing

Table of Contents

    What Is Composition Pedagogy? An Introduction, Amy Rupiper Taggart, H. Brooke Hessler, Kurt Schick
    Basic Writing, Deborah Mutnick and Steve Lamos
    Collaborative Writing, Krista Kennedy and Rebecca Moore Howard
    Community-Engaged, Laura Julier, Kathleen Livingston, and Eli Goldblatt
    Critical, Ann George
    Cultural Studies, Diana George, John Trimbur, and Tim Lockridge
    Expressive, Chris Burnham and Rebecca Powell
    Feminist, Laura R. Micciche
    Genre, Amy J. Devitt
    Literature and Composition, Christine Farris
    New Media, Collin Gifford Brooke
    Online and Hybrid, Beth L. Hewett
    Process, Chris M. Anson
    Researched Writing, Rebecca Moore Howard and Sandra Jamieson
    Rhetoric and Argumentation, David Fleming
    Second Language Writing, Paul Kei Matsuda and Matthew J. Hammill
    Writing in the Disciplines and Across the Curriculum, Chris Thaiss and Susan McLeod
    Writing Center, Neal Lerner

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