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Encounter on the Great Plains: Scandinavian Settlers and the Dispossession of Dakota Indians, 1890-1930

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Karen V. Hansen

01 July 2016

Shows how encounters between Native Americans and European immigrants played out across the western United States

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A Woman Doing Life: Notes from a Prison for Women

Second Edition

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Erin George, Robert Johnson, and Alison B. Martin

15 December 2014

The only book that tells stories of women in prison from the inside out

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Sisters in Crime Revisited: Bringing Gender Into Criminology

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Francis T. Cullen, Pamela Wilcox, Jennifer L. Lux...

31 October 2014

An edited volume designed for courses on women and crime, with chapters contributed by leading scholars in the field

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Restorative Justice and Violence Against Women

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James Ptacek

16 November 2009

This volume presents a much-needed analysis of restorative justice practices in cases of violence against women.

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Rethinking Gender, Crime, and Justice: Feminist Readings

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Claire M. Renzetti, Lynne Goodstein, and Susan L. Miller

01 March 2006

This collection is designed to deepen students' understanding about the essential role that gender plays in the commission of--and societal responses to--criminal behavior.

Cover for 9780195330687

In Her Own Words: Women Offenders' Views on Crime and Victimization: An Anthology

Retail Price to Students:


Leanne Fiftal Alarid and Paul Cromwell

29 July 2005

"What makes this anthology so unique and interesting is its exclusive use of research using feminist methodology, including in-depth and life-history interviews."--Heather Melton, University of Utah

Cover for 9780195329964

Women, Crime, and Criminal Justice: Original Feminist Readings

Retail Price to Students:


Claire Renzetti and Lynne Goodstein

19 October 2000

This volume of essays offers an opportunity to review alternative perspectives on women and justice--and compare them to more traditional explanations.

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