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Medical Sociology - Sociology of Health

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Voices from the Inside

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Cover for 9780190306489

Second Opinion

Sixth Edition

John Germov


January 2019

Cover for 9780195370454

Voices from the Inside

David A. Karp and Gretchen E. Sisson


July 2009

Cover for 9780195381719

The Sociology of Mental Illness

Jane D. McLeod and Eric R. Wright


April 2009

Cover for 9780195329766

Health, Illness, and Healing: Society, Social Context, and Self

Kathy Charmaz and Debora A. Paterniti


January 1998

Cover for 9780195329704

Sex, Drugs, and the Continuing Spread of AIDS

Clyde B. McCoy and James A. Inciardi


January 1995

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