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Social Institutions Courses

Welcome to our Social Institutions publishing program.
Take a look inside at teaching and learning tools that:

  • Reflect our high scholarly standards
  • Speak effectively to today's college students
  • Represent the most current pedagogical trends

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Cover for 9780190055356

A Strategic Nature: Public Relations and the Politics of American Environmentalism

Retail Price to Students:


Melissa Aronczyk and Maria I. Espinoza

January 2022

In A Strategic Nature, Melissa Aronczyk and Maria I. Espinoza show how public relations has dominated public understanding of the natural environment for over one hundred years.

Cover for 9780197584323

Lifeworlds of Islam: The Pragmatics of a Religion

Retail Price to Students:


Mohammed A. Bamyeh

July 2021

Cover for 9780197518618

The Globotics Upheaval: Globalization, Robotics, and the Future of Work

Retail Price to Students:


Richard Baldwin

September 2020

Richard Baldwin counters the combined threat of globalization and robotics with new policy perspectives to protect professional and service workers.

Cover for 9780198806769

Corporate Governance

Sixth Edition

Retail Price to Students:


Christine Mallin

February 2019

Cover for 9780190306489

Second Opinion: An Introduction to Health Sociology

Sixth Edition

Retail Price to Students:


John Germov

January 2019

Cover for 9780190854102

Sociology of North American Sport

Eleventh Edition

Retail Price to Students:


George H. Sage, D. Stanley Eitzen, and Becky Beal

July 2018

An accessible and concise yet comprehensive text that takes a critical look at sports and society

Cover for 9780190202774

Sport in Contemporary Society: An Anthology

Tenth Edition

Retail Price to Students:


D. Stanley Eitzen

October 2014

A critical sociology of sport anthology edited by a leading scholar in the field

Cover for 9780199747252

The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism

Retail Price to Students:


Max Weber and Stephen Kalberg

July 2010

The most accurate and reader-friendly translation of The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism, by renowned Weber scholar Stephen Kalberg

Cover for 9780195370454

Voices from the Inside: Readings on the Experiences of Mental Illness

Retail Price to Students:


David A. Karp and Gretchen E. Sisson

July 2009

Featuring memorable, first-person accounts of mentally ill individuals, Voices from the Inside: Readings on the Experiences of Mental Illness allows students to connect directly with real-life "experts" who know mental illness all too intimately.

Cover for 9780195381719

The Sociology of Mental Illness: A Comprehensive Reader

Retail Price to Students:


Jane D. McLeod and Eric R. Wright

April 2009

A comprehensive collection of readings designed to help students develop a nuanced and sophisticated appreciation of the most important, heated--and fascinating--controversies in the field of mental illness

Cover for 9780195332537

The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism with Other Writings on the Rise of the West

Fourth Edition

Retail Price to Students:


Max Weber

September 2008

For the first time in one volume, this engaging text integrates Weber's exploration of the spirit of capitalism's origins with his larger project: a multi-causal analysis of the West's distinctiveness and its sources.

Cover for 9780195330816

The Transformation of Work in the New Economy: Sociological Readings

Retail Price to Students:


Robert Perrucci and Carolyn C. Perrucci

November 2006

A critical examination of existing conditions in the workplace and a discussion of the political and economic forces that have shaped them.

Cover for 9780195330700

The Sociology of Organizations: An Anthology of Contemporary Theory and Research

Retail Price to Students:


Amy S. Wharton

July 2006

"The selections complement each other superbly, [and] the theory and research are intellectually stimulating and cutting-edge."--Matthew Archibald, Emory University

Cover for 9780195177732

Internet Politics: States, Citizens, and New Communication Technologies

Retail Price to Students:


Andrew Chadwick

February 2006

This major new work provides the first comprehensive overview of Internet politics.

Cover for 9780195420098

Comprehending Cults: The Sociology of New Religious Movements

Second Edition

Retail Price to Students:


Lorne L. Dawson

January 2006

Completely revised and updated in this second edition, Comprehending Cults, Second Edition, provides a sociological interpretation of the phenomenon of new religious movements.

Cover for 9780195182811

Where Darwin Meets the Bible: Creationists and Evolutionists in America

Retail Price to Students:


Larry A. Witham

May 2005

Now in paperback--A comprehensive and evenhanded account of the debate between creationists and evolutionists

Cover for 9780195180954

Soul Searching: The Religious and Spiritual Lives of American Teenagers

Retail Price to Students:


Christian Smith and Melina Lundquist Denton

February 2005

Winner of the 2006 Christianity Today Book Award for Christianity and Culture-- A landmark account of the spiritual and religious lives of American teenagers

Cover for 9780195149197

Race, Nation, and Religion in the Americas

Retail Price to Students:


Henry Goldschmidt and Elizabeth McAlister

August 2004

Cover for 9780195146981

Buddhism in the Modern World: Adaptations of an Ancient Tradition

Retail Price to Students:


Steven Heine and Charles S. Prebish

September 2003

The most comprehensive available overview of Asian Buddhism today

Cover for 9780195329766

Health, Illness, and Healing: Society, Social Context, and Self: An Anthology

Retail Price to Students:


Kathy Charmaz and Debora A. Paterniti

January 1998

This anthology addresses significant topics that most other texts overlook: definitions of health and illness, meanings of suffering, and the sociology of the body.

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