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Welcome to our Research Methods and Statistics publishing program.
Take a look inside at teaching and learning tools that:

  • Reflect our high scholarly standards
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  • Represent the most current pedagogical trends

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Cover for 9780197648186

Qualitative Interviewing

Second Edition

Svend Brinkmann


01 November 2022

Cover for 9780197644966

Participatory Action Research

Caroline Lenette


17 May 2022

Cover for 9780197613733

The Process of Social Research

Third Edition

Jeffrey C. Dixon, Royce A. Singleton, and Bruce C. Straits


25 February 2022

Cover for 9780190921729

Evaluation and Action Research

Linnea L. Rademaker and Elena Y. Polush


25 January 2022

Cover for 9780198860686

Research Methods for Digital Work and Organization

Gillian Symon, Katrina Pritchard, and Christine Hine


21 January 2022

Cover for 9780197582756

SSD for R

Second Edition

Charles Auerbach and Wendy Zeitlin


12 November 2021

Cover for 9780190853662

Social Research Methods

Alan Bryman, Edward Bell, Jennifer Reck...


03 September 2021

Cover for 9780190853693

Social Research Methods

Alan Bryman, Edward Bell, Jennifer Reck...


03 September 2021

Cover for 9780198850298

Research Methods in the Social Sciences: An A-Z of key concepts

Jean-Frédéric Morin, Christian Olsson, and Ece Özlem Atikcan


29 March 2021

Cover for 9780190614249

Approaches to Social Research

Sixth Edition

Royce A. Singleton and Bruce C. Straits


27 June 2017

Cover for 9780190203924

Writing in Sociology

Lynn Smith-Lovin and Cary Moskovitz


30 November 2016

Cover for 9780199009862

Writing in the Social Sciences

Second Edition

Jake Muller


01 December 2014

Cover for 9780199349623

Discovering Qualitative Methods

Third Edition

Carol A. B. Warren and Tracy Xavia Karner


28 May 2014

Cover for 9780199827411

The Practice of Research

Shamus Khan and Dana R. Fisher


29 July 2013

Cover for 9780195397802

Observing the Observer

Shulamit Reinharz


05 May 2010

Cover for 9780195158113

Feminist Perspectives on Social Research

Sharlene Nagy Hesse-Biber and Michelle L. Yaiser


28 August 2003

Cover for 9780195157758

Approaches to Qualitative Research

Sharlene Nagy Hesse-Biber and Patricia Leavy


17 July 2003

Cover for 9780195125221

Feminist Approaches to Theory and Methodology

Sharlene Hesse-Biber, Christina Gilmartin, and Robin Lydenberg


29 July 1999

Cover for 9780195099942

The New Language of Qualitative Method

Jaber F. Gubrium and James A. Holstein


13 March 1997

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