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Welcome to our Introductory Sociology publishing program.
Take a look inside at teaching and learning tools that:

  • Reflect our high scholarly standards
  • Speak effectively to today's college students
  • Represent the most current pedagogical trends


Featured Titles

Ten Lessons in Introductory Sociology

Ten Lessons in Introductory Sociology

Kenneth A. Gould and Tammy L. Lewis

Thirty Readings in Introductory Sociology

Thirty Readings in Introductory Sociology

Second Edition

Kenneth A. Gould and Tammy L. Lewis

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Forced Out and Fenced In: Immigration Tales From the Field

Retail Price to Students:


Tanya Maria Golash-Boza

15 June 2017

Through compelling personal narratives, this innovative and accessible collection brings students into the lives of those trapped in the labyrinths of our country's immigration laws

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The Sociologically Examined Life: Pieces of the Conversation

Fifth Edition

Retail Price to Students:


Michael Schwalbe

16 February 2017

A lively and concise text that inspires students to think sociologically about society and about themselves as social actors

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Writing in Sociology: A Brief Guide

Retail Price to Students:


Lynn Smith-Lovin and Cary Moskovitz

30 November 2016

The ideal pocket-sized manual for sociology students who want to improve their writing

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Thirty Readings in Introductory Sociology

Second Edition

Retail Price to Students:


Kenneth A. Gould and Tammy L. Lewis

01 June 2016

The only introductory sociology reader that communicates the foundational "big lessons" of the discipline in a classic - qualitative - quantitative framework

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Social Problems: An Introduction to Critical Constructionism

Fifth Edition

Retail Price to Students:


Robert Heiner

10 September 2015

Synthesizes conflict theory and social constructionism to help students think critically about social problems

Cover for 9780199375547

Studying Human Societies: A Primer and Guide

Twelfth Edition

Retail Price to Students:


Patrick Nolan

05 November 2014

Cover for 9780199382453

Human Societies: An Introduction to Macrosociology

Twelfth Edition

Retail Price to Students:


Patrick Nolan and Gerhard Lenski

08 October 2014

This classic introduction to sociology text takes a macro, comparative, and historical approach

Cover for 9780199935901

The Sociology of American Drug Use

Third Edition

Retail Price to Students:


Charles E. Faupel, Greg S. Weaver, and Jay Corzine

22 February 2013

A true sociological approach to the study of American drug use

Cover for 9780199563753


Fourth Edition

Retail Price to Students:


James Fulcher and John Scott

08 May 2011

An authoritative and theoretically grounded approach to sociology

Cover for 9780199731879

The Study of Social Problems: Seven Perspectives

Seventh Edition

Retail Price to Students:


Earl Rubington and Martin Weinberg

10 February 2010

The most theoretical social problems anthology available

Cover for 9780195375077

Conflicting Interests: Readings in Social Problems and Inequality

Retail Price to Students:


Robert Heiner

05 November 2009

A concise, affordable, cutting-edge collection of articles that takes a critical constructionist approach to social problems

Cover for 9780195312034

One Nation, Uninsured: Why the U.S. Has No National Health Insurance

Retail Price to Students:


Jill Quadagno

09 October 2006

A probing look at the forces that keep America the only industrialized nation without universal health care

Cover for 9780195176018

Flat Broke with Children: Women in the Age of Welfare Reform

Retail Price to Students:


Sharon Hays

14 October 2004

In the spirit of Nickel and Dimed in America, the first book to explore the impact of recent welfare reform on women

Cover for 9780195101683

One Nation, Underprivileged: Why American Poverty Affects Us All

Retail Price to Students:


Mark Robert Rank

01 April 2004

Rank provides us with a new paradigm for understanding poverty and outlines an innovative set of strategies that will reduce American poverty.

Cover for 9780195162264

Social Blueprints: Conceptual Foundations of Sociology

Retail Price to Students:


David K. Brown

19 February 2004

Cover for 9780195169836

Debating the Death Penalty: Should America Have Capital Punishment? The Experts on Both Sides Make Their Best Case

Retail Price to Students:


Hugo Adam Bedau and Paul G. Cassell

05 February 2004

An illuminating, even-handed look at one of the most troubling issues confronting our society

Cover for 9780195329995

The Essential Sociologist: An Introduction

Retail Price to Students:


Beth B. Hess, Peter J. Stein, and Susan A. Farrell

07 March 2001

"A rich picture of a complex field with a history, competing schools of thought, and interdisciplinary roots."--From the Foreword by Judith Lorber

Cover for 9780195329759

Social Problems: Causes, Consequences, Interventions

Second Edition

Retail Price to Students:


Jack Levin, Kim Mac Innis, Walter F. Carroll...

20 August 1999

An introductory text that covers a wide range of social problems.

Cover for 9780195329872

Troubled Times: Readings in Social Problems

Retail Price to Students:


Robert H. Lauer and Jeanette C. Lauer

09 August 1999

This provocative anthology introduces students to a wide-ranging spectrum of social problems in the United States.

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