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Invitation to World Religions

Invitation to World Religions

Fourth Edition

Jeffrey Brodd, Layne Little, Bradley Nystrom...

World Religions Today

World Religions Today

Seventh Edition

John Esposito, Darrell J. Fasching, Todd T. Lewis...

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Cover for 9780192854537

Buddha: A Very Short Introduction

Michael Carrithers


07 June 2001

Cover for 9780195118353

The Ways of Religion

Third Edition

Roger Eastman


11 February 1999

Cover for 9780195069105

Emerging From the Chrysalis

Bruce Lincoln


26 September 1991

Cover for 9780195043419

Religion and Moral Reason

Ronald M. Green


10 March 1988

Cover for 9780195198218

Conversations with Ogotemmêli

Marcel Griaule


06 November 1975

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