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Physiological - Biopsychology

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The Mind's Machine: Foundations of Brain and Behavior

Fourth Edition

Retail Price to Students:


Neil V. Watson and S. Marc Breedlove

October 2020

The most visually appealing and student-friendly brain and behavior book available, The Mind's Machine, Fourth Edition, presents an accessible, yet thorough, introduction to the field

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How Genes Influence Behavior 2e

Second Edition

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Jonathan Flint, Ralph J. Greenspan, and Kenneth S. Kendler

March 2020

Cover for 9781605359076

Behavioral Neuroscience

Ninth Edition

Retail Price to Students:


S. Marc Breedlove and Neil V. Watson

September 2019

Encompasses cutting-edge neuroscience, lucid descriptions of behavior, evolutionary and developmental perspectives, and clinical applications of research

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Drugs: Mind, Body, and Society

Retail Price to Students:


Martha Rosenthal

June 2018

Contemporary, accessible, and fun to read, this text meets students where they are and challenges them to think critically about drugs

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Psychopharmacology: Drugs, the Brain, and Behavior

Third Edition

Retail Price to Students:


Jerrold S. Meyer and Linda F. Quenzer

March 2018

Unique in its breadth of coverage ranging from historical accounts of drug use to clinical and preclinical behavioral studies, Psychopharmacology is appropriate for undergraduates studying the relationships between the behavioral effects of psychoactive drugs and their mechanisms of action.

Cover for 9780199766109

Biological Psychology

Retail Price to Students:


Kelly G. Lambert

January 2017

With a focus on the brain's adaptations to its environment, this text's fresh, lively voice engages students with case studies, anecdotes, and descriptions of experiments

Cover for 9780195377682

Brain and Behavior: A Cognitive Neuroscience Perspective

Retail Price to Students:


David Eagleman and Jonathan Downar

December 2015

The story of the brain told in a way that matters to our lives

Cover for 9780198522652

The Thinking Ape: The Evolutionary Origins of Intelligence

Retail Price to Students:


Richard Byrne

March 1995

This text brings together modern primate and anthropological research to describe human cognitive evolution.

Cover for 9780195039412

The Psychobiology of Behavioral Development

Retail Price to Students:


Ronald Gandelman

December 1992

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