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Cover for 9780199338863

American Political Thought

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Keith E. Whittington

January 2016

Traces the history of American political thought through a collection of essential writings, speeches, judicial opinions, and other political documents

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Public Speaking and Democratic Participation: Speech, Deliberation, and Analysis in the Civic Realm

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Jennifer Y. Abbott, Todd F. McDorman, David M. Timmerman...

October 2015

The best text for teaching effective public speaking, deliberation, and rhetorical analysis for meaningful democratic participation

Cover for 9780195447798

Democratic Theory: Essays in Retrieval

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C.B. Macpherson

November 2014

A new, affordable edition of a long out-of-print yet foundational work on political philosophy, featuring a new introduction by Frank Cunningham of the University of Toronto

Cover for 9780199945467

The Character of Democracy: How Institutions Shape Politics

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Richard A. Clucas and Melody Ellis Valdini

January 2014

Taking an analytical and scholarly approach, this book provides a uniquely comprehensive overview of the major democratic institutions around the world

Cover for 9780192802507

Democracy: A Very Short Introduction

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Bernard Crick

January 2003

An engaging primer on the history and practice of a form of government more often aspired to than achieved

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