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Introduction to Global-World Affairs

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Introduction to Global Politics

Seventh Edition

Retail Price to Students:


Steven Lamy and John Masker

August 2022

Offers a truly global approach with an emphasis on active learning, empowering students to analyze issues and events using both mainstream and alternative IR theories

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Current Debates in International Relations

Second Edition

Retail Price to Students:


Eric Shiraev and Vladislav Zubok

November 2019

Grab your students' attention with accessible, contemporary readings on key controversies and debates in the field of International Relations

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Global Politics: Applying Theory to a Complex World

Retail Price to Students:


Mark A. Boyer, Natalie F. Hudson, and Michael J. Butler

October 2019

This renowned Introduction to International Relations text teaches students how to think about what's happening in the world

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International Relations

Third Edition

Retail Price to Students:


Eric Shiraev and Vladislav Zubok

July 2019

This highly praised and widely adopted text uses a consistent analytical framework to teach students how to think critically about issues in world politics, helping them better understand the political world they live in

Cover for 9780199338467

The Global Studies Reader

Second Edition

Retail Price to Students:


Manfred B. Steger

July 2014

A "Top 20" collection of readings on globalization, edited and introduced by renowned scholar Manfred B. Steger

Cover for 9780199965625

World Politics in a New Era

Sixth Edition

Retail Price to Students:


Steven L. Spiegel, Elizabeth G. Matthews, Jennifer M. Taw...

December 2013

This in-depth introduction provides students with the solid theoretical and historical foundations necessary to analyze contemporary issues

Cover for 9780199890545

Research and Writing Guide for Political Science

Retail Price to Students:


Kristen Williams

August 2013

A concise guide to the basics of writing political science research papers

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