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Environmental Politics

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Global Environmental Politics
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Climate Change, Science, and The Politics of Shared Sacrifice

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Todd Eisenstadt and Stephen MacAvoy

July 2021

Climate Change, Science, and The Politics of Shared Sacrifice--written by a natural scientist and a social scientist--is the first interdisciplinary and accessible undergraduate text that covers the scientific evidence of climate change, recent technological advances, and the diplomatic, economic, political, and social impact of climate change.

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Global Environmental Politics: Understanding the Governance of the Earth

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Jean-Frederic Morin, Amandine Orsini, and Sikina Jinnah

May 2020

The most current introduction to key global environmental issues

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Debating the Earth: The Environmental Politics Reader

Second Edition

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John S. Dryzek and David Schlosberg

January 2005

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The Environmental Protection Agency: Asking the Wrong Questions: From Nixon to Clinton

Expanded Edition

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Marc K. Landy, Marc J. Roberts, and Stephen R. Thomas

June 1994

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