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International Relations Courses

Welcome to our International Relations publishing program.
Take a look inside at teaching and learning tools that:

  • Reflect our high scholarly standards
  • Speak effectively to today's college students
  • Represent the most current pedagogical trends

Download a printable version of our most recent International Relations Catalog that features new and recent titles.

Featured Titles

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Cover for 9780197644546

Introduction to Global Politics

Seventh Edition

Steven Lamy and John Masker


August 2022

Cover for 9780192845719

Strategy in the Contemporary World

Seventh Edition

John Baylis, James J. Wirtz, and Jeannie L. Johnson


June 2022

Cover for 9780198862192

Contemporary Security Studies

Sixth Edition

Alan Collins


May 2022

Cover for 9780198862208

Introduction to International Relations: Theories and Approaches

Eighth Edition

Georg Sørensen, Jørgen Møller, and Robert Jackson


March 2022

Cover for 9780198851745

Politics of the Earth

Fourth Edition

John S. Dryzek


March 2022

Cover for 9780190854843

Talons of the Eagle

Fifth Edition

Peter H. Smith and Ana Covarrubias


August 2021

Cover for 9780190063696

Climate Change, Science, and The Politics of Shared Sacrifice

Todd Eisenstadt and Stephen MacAvoy


July 2021

Cover for 9780199036431

Introduction to International Development

Fourth Edition

Paul A. Haslam, Jessica Schafer, and Pierre Beaudet


May 2021

Cover for 9780190695675

Rethinking American Grand Strategy

Elizabeth Borgwardt, Christopher McKnight Nichols, and Andrew Preston


April 2021

Cover for 9780198814443

International Relations Theories

Fifth Edition


February 2021

Cover for 9780197527603

Politics of Latin America

Seventh Edition

Harry Vanden and Gary Prevost


November 2020

Cover for 9780190062637

Force and Statecraft

Sixth Edition

Paul Gordon Lauren, Gordon A. Craig, and Alexander L. George


August 2020

Cover for 9780198737391

The Member States of the European Union

Third Edition

Simon Bulmer and Christian Lequesne


June 2020

Cover for 9780197532928

Empire of Ideas

Justin Hart


June 2020

Cover for 9780198826088

Global Environmental Politics

Jean-Frederic Morin, Amandine Orsini, and Sikina Jinnah


May 2020

Cover for 9780198820642

Global Political Economy

Sixth Edition

John Ravenhill


May 2020

Cover for 9780198825548

The Globalization of World Politics

Eighth Edition

John Baylis, Steve Smith, and Patricia Owens


February 2020

Cover for 9780190062323

China and the World

David Shambaugh


January 2020

Cover for 9780190062316

China and the World

David Shambaugh


January 2020

Cover for 9780199796182

Principles of International Political Economy

Mark Hallerberg, Jeffrey Kucik, and Bumba Mukherjee


December 2019

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