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Introduction to Comparative Politics Courses

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Introduction to International Development: Approaches, Actors, Issues, and Practice

Fourth Edition

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Paul A. Haslam, Jessica Schafer, and Pierre Beaudet

May 2021

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Comparative Politics

Fifth Edition

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Daniele Caramani

June 2020

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Comparative Politics: Integrating Theories, Methods, and Cases

Third Edition

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J. Tyler Dickovick and Jonathan Eastwood

July 2018

An integrative approach to the relationship between big themes and country case studies

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Current Debates in Comparative Politics

Second Edition

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J. Tyler Dickovick and Jonathan Eastwood

January 2018

Accessible, contemporary readings on key controversies and debates in comparative politics

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Politics in the Developing World

Fifth Edition

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Peter Burnell, Vicky Randall, and Lise Rakner

May 2017

The only introduction to politics in the developing world to combine theoretical approaches, society-state relations, and policies with a series of illustrative country-based case studies

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Comparative Politics: Classic and Contemporary Readings

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J.Tyler Dickovick and Jonathan Eastwood

January 2016

Brings together classic and contemporary readings from the leading scholars--both past and present--in comparative politics

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Research and Writing Guide for Political Science

Retail Price to Students:


Kristen Williams

August 2013

A concise guide to the basics of writing political science research papers

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