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Comparative Politics Courses

Welcome to our Comparative Politics publishing program.
Take a look inside at teaching and learning tools that:

  • Reflect our high scholarly standards
  • Speak effectively to today's college students
  • Represent the most current pedagogical trends

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Cover for 9780190611347

Democracy in Latin America

Third Edition

Peter Smith and Cameron Sells


July 2016

Cover for 9780198708742

International Relations of the Middle East

Fourth Edition

Louise Fawcett


July 2016

Cover for 9780198708933

European Union Politics

Fifth Edition

Michelle Cini and Nieves Perez-Solorzano Borragan


March 2016

Cover for 9780199335060

Politics in Israel: Governing a Complex Society

First Edition

Brent E. Sasley and Harold M. Waller


February 2016

Cover for 9780199730957

Comparative Politics: Classic and Contemporary Readings

First Edition

J.Tyler Dickovick and Jonathan Eastwood


January 2016

Cover for 9780199049318

Labour Relations in South Africa

Fifth Edition

Hanneli Bendeman and Bronwyn Dworzanowski-Venter


December 2015

Cover for 9780190260590

The Evolution of Economic Systems

First Edition

Barry Clark


December 2015

Cover for 9780190275419

Europe's Angry Muslims

Robert Leiken


December 2015

Cover for 9780199050963

South African Politics

First Edition

Nicola De Jager


October 2015

Cover for 9780199685370

The European Union

Fourth Edition

Daniel Kenealy, John Peterson, and Richard Corbett


July 2015

Cover for 9780190270995

Comparative Politics

Second Edition

J. Tyler Dickovick and Jonathan Eastwood


July 2015

Cover for 9780199689675

Policy-Making in the European Union

Seventh Edition

Helen Wallace, Mark A. Pollack, and Alasdair R. Young


February 2015

Cover for 9780199689668

Politics in the European Union

Fourth Edition

Ian Bache, Simon Bulmer, Stephen George...


January 2015

Cover for 9780199301447


Fifth Edition

Louis A. PĂ©rez


October 2014

Cover for 9780199340255

Politics of Latin America

Fifth Edition

Harry E. Vanden and Gary Prevost


July 2014

Cover for 9780199341351

Current Debates in Comparative Politics

J. Tyler Dickovick and Jonathan Eastwood


June 2014

Cover for 9780199666003

Politics in the Developing World

Fourth Edition

Peter Burnell, Vicky Randall, and Lise Rakner


April 2014

Cover for 9780199665990

Comparative Politics

Third Edition

Daniele Caramani


February 2014

Cover for 9780199945467

The Character of Democracy

Richard A. Clucas and Melody Ellis Valdini


January 2014

Cover for 9780199890545

Research and Writing Guide for Political Science

Kristen Williams


August 2013

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