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Introduction to Public Policy

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Empire of Ideas: The Origins of Public Diplomacy and the Transformation of U. S. Foreign Policy

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Justin Hart

June 2020

A timely look at the moment in US history when image--the perception of the nation in the eyes of the world--first became a key component of foreign policy

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Studying Public Policy: Principles and Processes

Fourth Edition

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Michael Howlett, M. Ramesh, and Anthony Perl

May 2020

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A Connected America: Politics in the Era of Social Media

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Thad Hall and Betsy Sinclair

October 2018

An immersive look at politics in the age of social media and viral content

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Writing Public Policy: A Practical Guide to Communicating in the Policy Making Process

Fifth Edition

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Catherine F. Smith

July 2018

In public policy work, if you can't write it or say it, you can't do it

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Public Policy: Investing for a Better World

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Michael Mintrom

January 2018

Presents a consistent analytical and pedagogical framework with an innovative investment perspective

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Healthy, Wealthy, and Fair: Health Care and the Good Society

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James A. Morone and Lawrence R. Jacobs

August 2007

Charts the shocking disparities in America between health and wealth

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