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General Physics Courses

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Statistical Thermodynamics

Second Edition

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Andrew Maczek and Anthony Meijer

August 2017

This self-contained primer covers statistical thermodynamics in a rigorous yet approachable manner, making it the perfect text for undergraduates

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Quantum Mechanics: Classical Results, Modern Systems, and Visualized Examples

Second Edition

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Richard Robinett

June 2006

Quantum Mechanics is a comprehensive introduction to quantum mechanics for advanced undergraduate students in physics.

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Modern Problems in Classical Electrodynamics

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Charles A. Brau

September 2003

This book addresses a wide range of topics in modern physics--including lasers and nonlinear optics--that are not found in other texts.

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Polymer Physics

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Michael Rubinstein and Ralph H. Colby

August 2003

Polymer Physics details the fundamental concepts of polymer melts, solutions, and gels in terms of both static structure and dynamics. It goes beyond other introductory textbooks, deriving the essential tools of the physical polymer chemist or engineer without skipping any steps.

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Ion Channels of Excitable Membranes

Third Edition

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Bertil Hille

July 2001

An authoritative overview used by all neuroscientists

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The Physics of Solids

Retail Price to Students:


Richard John Turton

June 2000

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Principles of Polymer Engineering

Second Edition

Retail Price to Students:


N. G. McCrum, C. P. Buckley, and C. B. Bucknall

November 1997

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