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Introduction to Philosophy - Topical Approach - Hybrid (text with readings)

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Philosophy Here and Now
Introducing Philosophy

Introducing Philosophy

Twelfth Edition

Robert C. Solomon, Kathleen M. Higgins, and Clancy Martin

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The World of Philosophy: An Introductory Reader

Second Edition

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Steven M. Cahn

June 2018

Introduces students to the world of philosophy by blending Western texts with a rich array of non-Western materials

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A Dialogue on Free Will and Science

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Alfred R. Mele

September 2013

A brief and intriguing dialogue exploring leading scientific challenges to free will

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Philosophical Dilemmas: A Pro and Con Introduction to the Major Questions and Philosophers

Fourth Edition

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Phil Washburn

August 2013

Introducing philosophy topically and historically, this text clearly outlines the positions of the major philosophers and offers pro and con essays on the main problems they discuss

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Philosophical Questions: Readings and Interactive Guides

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James Fieser and Norman Lillegard

September 2004

A topically organized anthology and textbook enhanced by extensive pedagogical support

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Pathways in Philosophy: An Introductory Guide with Readings

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Dale Jacquette

September 2003

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Open Questions: An Introduction to Philosophy

Third Edition

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Emmett Barcalow

August 2000

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