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Introduction to Latin American Studies

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Fifth Sun: A New History of the Aztecs

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Camilla Townsend

July 2021

A new history of the Aztecs based on indigenous Mexican written sources

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Seven Myths of the Spanish Conquest: Updated Edition

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Matthew Restall

April 2021

An update of a popular work that takes on the myths of the Spanish Conquest of the Americas, featuring a new afterword.

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Exploitation, Inequality, and Resistance: A History of Latin America since Columbus

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Mark Burkholder, Monica Rankin, and Lyman L. Johnson

June 2017

Tells the story of more than 500 years of Latin American history through the themes of exploitation, inequality, and resistance

Cover for 9780195340068

Latin America: An Introduction

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Gary Prevost and Harry E. Vanden

September 2010

Discusses key topics of the region--history, economics, politics, religion, and culture

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Central America: A Nation Divided

Third Revised Edition

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Ralph Lee Woodward

January 1999

Entirely updated, this is the best and most accessible introduction to the region available on the market today

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