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History of Japan

Welcome to our History of Japan course

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A Modern History of Japan
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Unconditional: The Japanese Surrender in World War II

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Marc Gallicchio

April 2023

A new look at the eleventh hour drama that led to the collapse of the Japanese empire

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To Stand with the Nations of the World: Japan's Meiji Restoration in World History

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Mark Ravina

January 2020

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A Modern History of Japan: From Tokugawa Times to the Present

Fourth Edition

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Andrew Gordon

July 2019

This best-selling history of modern Japan puts the dramatic events of the recent past in historical perspective

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Modern Japan: A History in Documents

Second Edition

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James L. Huffman

July 2010

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The documents provide a truly diverse look at Japan's past, including peasants, women, colonialists, students, artists, and the like, right along with the usual array of elites. This represents the latest approach to the teaching of history. The work blends narrative and documents together in a lively way designed for provocative, accessible use in teaching.

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