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Geographical: Asian History Courses

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Cover for 9780195146981

Buddhism in the Modern World

Steven Heine and Charles S. Prebish


September 2003

Cover for 9780198700692

Rebellions and Revolutions

Second Edition

Jack Gray


May 2003

Cover for 9780192854575

Gandhi: A Very Short Introduction

Bhikhu Parekh


June 2001

Cover for 9780195125047

The Rise of Modern China

Sixth Edition

Immanuel C. Y. Hsu


December 1999

Cover for 9780195106299

People's China

Third Edition

Craig Dietrich


October 1997

Cover for 9780195112078

When China Ruled the Seas

Louise Levathes


January 1997

Cover for 9780195052701

Family, Fields, and Ancestors

Lloyd E. Eastman


February 1988

Cover for 9780198154600

A New Introduction to Classical Chinese

Raymond Dawson


January 1985

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