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US Military History

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Everyman in Vietnam
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Everyman in Vietnam: A Soldier's Journey into the Quagmire

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Michael Adas and Joseph J. Gilch

June 2017

Provides a gripping and multi-dimensional way to understand the nature and enduring significance of the Vietnam conflict based on an exceptional collection of letters written by an American soldier during his tour of duty

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The Vietnam War: An International History in Documents

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Mark Atwood Lawrence

February 2014

The first and only sourcebook on the Vietnam War that takes a broadly international perspective

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Missions Accomplished?: The United States and Iraq Since World War I

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Peter L. Hahn

October 2011

Missions Accomplished? is the first synthesis on U.S.-Iraqi relations from the origins of Iraq to the present day

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World War II: A History in Documents

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James H. Madison

November 2009

Pages from History

Offers a global and multifaceted perspective of World War II.

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Concise Historical Atlas of World War Two: The Geography of Conflict

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Ronald Story

December 2005

A concise collection of 50 full-color maps that vividly convey not only the key military battles and campaigns but also the cultural and political geography of World War Two.

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The American People in World War II: Freedom from Fear, Part Two

Retail Price to Students:


David M. Kennedy

November 2003

"Consistently original and sometimes startling conclusions."--The Washington Post

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