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US Foreign Policy

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Cover for 9780197621363

Capitalist Peace: A History of American Free-Trade Internationalism

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Thomas W. Zeiler

September 2022

Cover for 9780190279905

Global America: The United States in the Twentieth Century

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Robert C. McGreevey, Christopher T. Fisher, and Alan Dawley

October 2017

Tells the story of how Americans were swept up in the swift-moving currents of twentieth-century world history

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The Killing Zone: The United States Wages Cold War in Latin America

Second Edition

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Stephen G. Rabe

April 2015

A sweeping, no-holds-barred rebuke of U.S. Cold War triumphalism in Latin America

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American Foreign Policy and the Challenges of World Leadership: Power, Principle, and the Constitution

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Loch K. Johnson

December 2013

Emphasizing the underlying constitutional principles that drive American foreign policy, this text introduces the tools and process of foreign policy from an insider's perspective

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