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US Diplomatic History-US Foreign Policy

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The United States and China
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Cover for 9780197516300

With Liberty and Justice for All?: The Constitution in the Classroom

Retail Price to Students:


Steven A. Steinbach, Maeva Marcus, and Robert Cohen

June 2022

A valuable resource for students, teachers, and citizens looking to better understand US Constitutional history

Cover for 9780197519646

The Rise and Fall of the Neoliberal Order: America and the World in the Free Market Era

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Gary Gerstle

April 2022

The most sweeping account of how neoliberalism came to dominate American politics for nearly a half century before crashing against the forces of Trumpism on the right and a new progressivism on the left.

Cover for 9780197581797

How the South Won the Civil War: Oligarchy, Democracy, and the Continuing Fight for the Soul of America

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Heather Cox Richardson

February 2022

The story of how the Confederacy moved west and its ideology came to dominate the entire country

Cover for 9780197601099

Edward M. Kennedy: An Oral History

Retail Price to Students:


Barbara A. Perry

February 2022

The first definitive oral history of an American icon

Cover for 9780199913800

Peacemakers: The Iroquois, the United States, and the Treaty of Canandaigua, 1794

Retail Price to Students:


Michael Leroy Oberg

July 2015

The Critical Historical Encounters series focuses on major critical encounters in the American experience

Cover for 9780190200060

The United States and China: Into the Twenty-First Century

Fourth Edition

Retail Price to Students:


Michael Schaller

July 2015

Examines more than a century of Chinese-American turmoil from a dual perspective

Cover for 9780199350834

American Foreign Policy: Theoretical Essays

Seventh Edition

Retail Price to Students:


G. John Ikenberry and Peter Trubowitz

October 2014

Featuring both classic and contemporary essays by top scholars, this anthology helps students understand the forces that shape the field of foreign policy analysis

Cover for 9780199733613

American Foreign Policy and the Challenges of World Leadership: Power, Principle, and the Constitution

Retail Price to Students:


Loch K. Johnson

December 2013

Emphasizing the underlying constitutional principles that drive American foreign policy, this text introduces the tools and process of foreign policy from an insider's perspective

Cover for 9780199897636

Rising Threats, Enduring Challenges: Readings in U.S. Foreign Policy

Retail Price to Students:


Andrew Price-Smith

December 2013

Balancing history, theory, and policy analysis, this reader uses classic and contemporary readings to help students develop an in-depth understanding of U.S. foreign policy

Cover for 9780199897551

America Right or Wrong: An Anatomy of American Nationalism

Second Edition

Retail Price to Students:


Anatol Lieven

September 2012

A powerful critique of an American foreign policy driven by a highly destructive nationalism

Cover for 9780195333381

Missions Accomplished?: The United States and Iraq Since World War I

Retail Price to Students:


Peter L. Hahn

October 2011

Missions Accomplished? is the first synthesis on U.S.-Iraqi relations from the origins of Iraq to the present day

Cover for 9780195320497

U.S. Diplomacy Since 1900

Sixth Edition

Retail Price to Students:


Robert D. Schulzinger

December 2007

Distinguished by its combination of narrative and analysis and by its in-depth explanations of how and why policy is created, this dynamic text is an invaluable resource for students and scholars.

Cover for 9780195174472

Strategies of Containment: A Critical Appraisal of American National Security Policy during the Cold War

Revised and Expanded Edition

Retail Price to Students:


John Lewis Gaddis

June 2005

An updated edition of the classic work on the history of containment

Cover for 9780195123890

America's International Relations since World War I

Retail Price to Students:


Wesley M. Bagby

January 1999

Cover for 9780195085518

The United States and the End of the Cold War: Implications, Reconsiderations, Provocations

Retail Price to Students:


John Lewis Gaddis

April 1994

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