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US: 1900-1945

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Global America: The United States in the Twentieth Century

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Robert C. McGreevey, Christopher T. Fisher, and Alan Dawley

October 2017

Tells the story of how Americans were swept up in the swift-moving currents of twentieth-century world history

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Wild Men: Ishi and Kroeber in the Wilderness of Modern America

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Douglas Cazaux Sackman

December 2010

New Narratives in American History

An extraordinary friendship between Ishi, "the last wild Indian," and anthropologist Alfred Kroeber opens a unique window on America's passage from wilderness to modernity

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The American People in the Great Depression: Freedom from Fear, Part One

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David M. Kennedy

November 2003

Pulitzer Prize winner FREEDOM FROM FEAR--now in two paperback volumes!

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The Depression and New Deal: A History in Documents

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Robert S. McElvaine

June 2003

Pages from History

A fascinating telling of the time of the Depression through a collection of primary sources and documents.

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Freedom from Fear: The American People in Depression and War, 1929-1945

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David M. Kennedy

April 2001

A superb addition to the acclaimed Oxford History of the United States--a Pulitzer Prize-winning narrative that spans the Great Depression, FDR's New Deal, and the Second World War

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