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Gilded Age and Progressive Era

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Cover for 9780190210786

The Devil Himself: A Tale of Honor, Insanity, and the Birth of Modern America

Retail Price to Students:


Andrew Porwancher

February 2016

Explores the role of honor in the Gilded Age

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New Spirits: Americans in the Gilded Age: 1865-1905

Third Edition

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Rebecca Edwards

May 2015

Sweeps away old 'gilded age' stereotypes and offers fresh and diverse perspectives on the U.S. in the late 19th century

Cover for 9780195377842

Holy Jumpers: Evangelicals and Radicals in Progressive Era America

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William Kostlevy

May 2010

A fascinating investigation of a radical communal society offering an alternative vision of Christianity.

Cover for 9780195160215

"They Say": Ida B. Wells and the Reconstruction of Race

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James West Davidson

July 2008

New Narratives in American History

This gripping book chronicles the first thirty years in the life of activist Ida B. Wells, intertwining her tumultuous story with the shifting definitions of race in post-emancipation America.

Cover for 9780195172201

America Reformed: Progressives and Progressivisms, 1890s-1920s

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Maureen A. Flanagan

August 2006

Introduces progressivism less as a straightforward history of actual reforms than as a revision of the ways in which Americans organized themselves to confront the problems of their society.

Cover for 9780195183658

A Fierce Discontent: The Rise and Fall of the Progressive Movement in America, 1870-1920

Retail Price to Students:


Michael McGerr

July 2005

A lively and detailed account of the effects of the Progressive Era on American culture and politics.

Cover for 9780195166385

The Gilded Age: A History in Documents

Retail Price to Students:


Janette Thomas Greenwood

May 2003

Pages from History

Now in paperback -- perfect for courses!

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No Separate Refuge: Culture, Class, and Gender on an Anglo-Hispanic Frontier in the American Southwest, 1880-1940

Retail Price to Students:


Sarah Deutsch

October 1989

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