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20th Century America

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Cover for 9780190279905

Global America: The United States in the Twentieth Century

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Robert C. McGreevey, Christopher T. Fisher, and Alan Dawley

October 2017

Tells the story of how Americans were swept up in the swift-moving currents of twentieth-century world history

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The Unfinished Journey: America Since World War II

Eighth Edition

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William H. Chafe

July 2014

This popular and classic text chronicles America's roller-coaster journey through the decades since World War II

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Marching Across the Color Line: A. Philip Randolph and Civil Rights in the World War II Era

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David Welky

August 2013

Critical Historical Encounters

This lively narrative examines an early battle in the Civil Rights Movement while highlighting the hypocrisy of racial politics of the day

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A History of Our Time: Readings on Postwar America

Eighth Edition

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William H. Chafe, Harvard Sitkoff, and Beth Bailey

November 2011

This popular and comprehensive anthology presents cogent, provocative sources from differing perspectives on major issues in postwar America

Cover for 9780195382624

The Rise and Fall of the American Century: The United States from 1890-2009

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William H. Chafe

January 2009

This engaging analysis by renowned historian William H. Chafe looks at America's rise to world prominence in the midst of both domestic and international challenges.

Cover for 9780195182453

The Pursuit of Fairness: A History of Affirmative Action

Retail Price to Students:


Terry H. Anderson

June 2005

The first concise, balanced, and engaging history of affirmative action.

Cover for 9780195125153

Long Time Gone: Sixties America Then and Now

Retail Price to Students:


Alexander Bloom

May 2001

A fascinating look at a crucial era in American history

Cover for 9780195128659

Perspectives on Modern America: Making Sense of the Twentieth Century

Retail Price to Students:


Harvard Sitkoff

September 2000

Cover for 9780195044843

Twentieth-Century America: A Brief History

Retail Price to Students:


Thomas C. Reeves

May 2000

A comprehensive account of twentieth century America in a brief and readable form

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