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Electrical and Computing Engineering Courses

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Cover for 9780190299040

Signal Processing and Linear Systems

Second Edition

B. P. Lathi and Roger Green


February 2021

Cover for 9780197508572

Laboratory Explorations to Accompany Microelectronic Circuits

Eighth Edition

Vincent C. Gaudet and Kenneth C. Smith


July 2020

Cover for 9780190853549

Microelectronic Circuits

Eighth Edition

Adel S. Sedra, Kenneth C.(KC) Smith, Tony Chan Carusone...


November 2019

Cover for 9780190853464

Microelectronic Circuits

Eighth Edition

Adel S. Sedra, Kenneth C. (KC) Smith, Tony Chan Carusone...


November 2019

Cover for 9780190853068

Hands-On Introduction to LabVIEW for Scientists and Engineers

Fourth Edition

John Essick


June 2018

Cover for 9780190910495

A First Lab in Circuits and Electronics

Yannis P. Tsividis


March 2018

Cover for 9780190686840

Modern Digital and Analog Communication

Fifth edition

B.P. Lathi and Zhi Ding


February 2018

Cover for 9780190698614

Elements of Electromagnetics

Seventh edition

Matthew Sadiku


January 2018

Cover for 9780190200176

Linear Systems and Signals

Third Edition

B.P. Lathi and Roger Green


November 2017

Cover for 9780190245290

Signals and Systems

Sanjit K. Mitra


June 2016

Cover for 9780190200510

Probability, Statistics, and Random Signals

Charles Boncelet


February 2016

Cover for 9780199388417

Elements of Power Electronics

Second Edition

Philip Krein


December 2014

Cover for 9780199339259

Laboratory Explorations to Accompany Microelectronic Circuits

Seventh Edition

Vincent C. Gaudet and Kenneth C. Smith


November 2014

Cover for 9780199861224

Fabrication Engineering at the Micro- and Nanoscale

Fourth Edition

Stephen A. Campbell


November 2012

Cover for 9780199796212

An Introduction to Mixed-Signal IC Test and Measurement

Second Edition

Gordon Roberts, Friedrich Taenzler, and Mark Burns


October 2011

Cover for 9780199765072

CMOS Analog Circuit Design

Third Edition

Phillip E. Allen and Douglas R. Holberg


August 2011

Cover for 9780195388039

Principles of Semiconductor Devices

Second Edition

Sima Dimitrijev


February 2011

Cover for 9780195170153

Operation and Modeling of the MOS Transistor

Third Edition

Yannis Tsividis and Colin McAndrew


October 2010

Cover for 9780195373943

Design of Analog Filters 2nd Edition

Second Edition

Rolf Schaumann, Haiqiao Xiao, and Mac Van Valkenburg


December 2009

Cover for 9780195430363

Fundamentals of Electric Circuits

Seventh Edition

David A. Bell


November 2009

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