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Issues in Criminal Justice

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Capital Punishment: Theory and Practice of the Ultimate Penalty

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Virginia Leigh Hatch and Anthony Walsh

November 2015

An engaging, balanced look at the death penalty, with unique chapters on the use of DNA and the human desire to punish

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A Country Called Prison: Mass Incarceration and the Making of a New Nation

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Mary D. Looman and John D. Carl

July 2015

In A Country Called Prison, Looman and Carl form a foundation of understanding to demonstrate that prison is a culture, not purely an institution made up of fences, building, and policies.

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Current Legal Issues in Criminal Justice: Readings

Second Edition

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Craig Hemmens

September 2014

Examining diverse and frequently debated topics, these in-depth essays approach "hot-button" issues from both legal and sociological perspectives

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The Death Penalty: America's Experience with Capital Punishment

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Raymond Paternoster, Robert Brame, and Sarah Bacon

July 2007

"All salient issues and elements of the death penalty debate are thoroughly and carefully presented."--John Cochran, University of South Florida

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Criminal Justice and Moral Issues

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Robert F. Meier and Gilbert Geis

July 2005

"The writing style is extremely clear and the treatment of topics very balanced, providing an approach that examines the issues fairly and head-on."--Richard A. Ball, Pennsylvania State University

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Controversies in Criminal Justice: Contemporary Readings

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Scott H. Decker, Leanne Fiftal Alarid, and Charles M. Katz

August 2002

This text provides two opposing viewpoints for each of sixteen criminal justice and criminology issues.

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