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Welcome to our Corrections course

Featured Titles

Correctional Contexts

Correctional Contexts: Contemporary and Classical Readings

Fifth Edition

Edward Latessa and Alexander Holsinger

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Significant Cases in Corrections

Significant Cases in Corrections

Second Edition

Craig Hemmens, Barbara Belbot, and Katherine Bennett

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Life Without Parole: Living and Dying in Prison Today

Fifth Edition

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Victor Hassine

December 2010

"This is the one book every student of criminal justice should read."--Stephen C. Richards, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

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The Warehouse Prison: Disposal of the New Dangerous Class

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John Irwin

November 2004

A unique study of the modern prison, this "insider's" perspective on prison life is essential reading for students of corrections and criminal justice.

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A Life for a Life: Life Imprisonment: America's Other Death Penalty

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James A. Paluch

October 2003

A first-person account offering a detailed account of the daily realities of prison life in its mundane essentials, from the culture of the cellblock to the etiquette of the yard and the mess hall.

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Correctional Perspectives: Views from Academics, Practitioners, and Prisoners

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Leanne Fiftal Alarid and Paul F. Cromwell

October 2001

This anthology features twelve contemporary topical areas in corrections--chosen for the unique challenges which each presents to researchers, correctional practitioners, and prisoners.

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Crime and Punishment: Inside Views

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Robert Johnson and Hans Toch

June 1999

A unique, insider's perspective on crime, prisoners, and punishment

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Incarcerating Criminals: Prisons and Jails in Social and Organizational Context

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Timothy J. Flanagan, James W. Marquart, and Kenneth G. Adams

March 1998

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