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Introduction to Communication

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Cover for 9780190297084

Understanding Human Communication

Thirteenth Edition

Retail Price to Students:


Ronald B. Adler, George Rodman, and Athena du Pré

November 2016

The #1 choice for over 30 years . . . and the best just got better.

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In the Company of Others: An Introduction to Communication

Fifth edition

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J. Dan Rothwell

January 2016

Practical advice for effective communication. With Rothwell, it's not just talk.

Cover for 9780190269616

Introduction to Human Communication: Perception, Meaning, and Identity

First Edition

Retail Price to Students:


Susan R. Beauchamp and Stanley J. Baran

December 2015

The most comprehensive, balanced, and engaging survey of the field

Cover for 9780199342365

Essential Communication

Retail Price to Students:


Ronald Adler, George Rodman, and Athena du Pre

January 2015

Small is the New Big

Cover for 9780195386226

A Century of Transformation: Studies in Honor of the 100th Anniversary of the Eastern Communication Association

Retail Price to Students:


James W. Chesebro

March 2009

The only book of its kind, this landmark anthology celebrates the anniversary of communication as a formally organized professional academic discipline.

Cover for 9780195329834

Exploring Human Communication

Retail Price to Students:


Sue DeWine, Melissa K. Gibson, and Matthew J. Smith

November 1999

Includes unique coverage of important topics not usually found in basic texts: mass communication, legal communication, mediated communication and technology, and using communication principles on the job.

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