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Group Communication

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Interplay: The Process of Interpersonal Communication

Fourteenth edition

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Ronald B. Adler, Lawrence B. Rosenfeld, and Russell F. Proctor II

November 2017

The Outstanding Scholarship You Want. The Practical Insights Your Students Need.

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Real-Life Scenarios: A Case Study Perspective on Health Communication

First Edition

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Athena du Pré and Eileen Berlin Ray

November 2017

A collection of brief stories that highlight the importance of health communication terms, theories, and ethical dilemmas in real-life experiences

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Communicating in Groups: Building Relationships for Group Effectiveness

Third Edition

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Joann Keyton

November 2005

Communicating in Groups, Third Edition, emphasizes that all groups--decision-making and social--require members to successfully convey both relational and task messages.

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Small Group Communication: Theory & Practice: An Anthology

Eighth Edition

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Randy Y. Hirokawa, Robert S. Cathcart, Larry A. Samovar...

April 2003

This comprehensive anthology spans a broad range of topics in communication theory, research, and practice.

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