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Introduction to Mass Media

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Cover for 9780190278496

Understanding Media Industries

Second Edition

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Timothy Havens and Amanda Lotz

Online Resource
January 2016

Cover for 9780199342303

Converging Media: A New Introduction to Mass Communication

Fourth Edition

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John V. Pavlik and Shawn McIntosh

January 2014

Industry. Culture. Technology. It's time they came together.

Cover for 9780195565492

Understanding Media Studies

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Tony Schirato, Angi Buettner, Thierry Jutel...

February 2010

A lively and thought-provoking text that looks at how and why the field of the media has taken on such a central role in contemporary society and culture

Cover for 9780195087888

Defining Media Studies: Reflections on the Future of the Field

Retail Price to Students:


Mark Levy and Michael Gurevitch

June 1994

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