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Cover for 9780197614853

Writing & Reporting for the Media 13e

Thirteenth Edition

Retail Price to Students:


John R. Bender, Lucinda D. Davenport, Michael W. Drager...

27 October 2023

Cover for 9780190164263

Decolonizing Journalism: A Guide to Reporting in Indigenous Communities

Retail Price to Students:


Duncan McCue

06 January 2023

Cover for 9780197551509

A Tactical Guide to Science Journalism: Lessons From the Front Lines

Retail Price to Students:


Deborah Blum, Ashley Smart, and Tom Zeller Jr.

10 June 2022

Brings together award-winning journalists from around the world to share fascinating tales of science and how it works and to provide guidance into reporting specialties like infectious disease, climate change, astronomy, public health, physics, and statistics.

Cover for 9780190649494

Writing and Reporting for the Media: Workbook

Twelfth edition

Retail Price to Students:


John Bender, Lucinda Davenport, Michael Drager...

01 October 2018

The best introduction to the fundamentals of writing in today's journalism environment

Cover for 9780190050788

Writing and Reporting for the Media: Text and Workbook Package

Twelfth Edition

Retail Price to Students:


John R. Bender, Lucinda D. Davenport, Michael W. Drager...

01 October 2018

A fundamental introduction to newswriting and reporting

Cover for 9780190635633

Multimedia Sports Journalism: A Practitioner's Guide for the Digital Age

Retail Price to Students:


Edward Kian, Bradley Schultz, Galen Clavio...

Spiral Bound
23 February 2018

A comprehensive, skills- and industry-focused handbook that will serve as a useful reference for students throughout their careers

Cover for 9780190600990

Interpersonal Divide in the Age of the Machine

Second Edition

Retail Price to Students:


Michael J. Bugeja

17 July 2017

Seeks to answer the question: have media and technology created a social gap, eroding our sense of community?

Cover for 9780195597240

Media and Society

Sixth Edition

Retail Price to Students:


Michael O'Shaughnessy, Jane Stadler, and Sarah Casey

06 November 2016

Exploring the relationship between the media, their institutions and the world we live in.

Cover for 9780199732340

The Responsible Journalist: An Introduction to News Reporting and Writing

Retail Price to Students:


Jennie Dear and Faron Scott

15 October 2014

A Liberal Arts Perspective on News Reporting and Writing

Cover for 9780195189926

Journalism Unbound: New Approaches to Reporting and Writing

Retail Price to Students:


Mitchell Stephens

17 January 2014

Cover for 9780199763658

Copycrafting: Editing for Journalism Today

Retail Price to Students:


Kenneth Rosenauer

15 July 2013

A concise copyediting worktext that provides more examples, exercises and accessible AP style lessons than any other book on the market

Cover for 9780195188325

News Writing and Reporting: The Complete Guide for Today's Journalist

Second Edition

Retail Price to Students:


Chip Scanlan and Richard Craig

10 July 2013

Process. Coaching. Storytelling. In this thoroughly revised second edition, the Poynter Institute's Chip Scanlan empowers students to think, act and produce newsworthy stories in the exciting and challenging field of contemporary journalism.

Cover for 9780199829842

The Magazine from Cover to Cover

Third Edition

Retail Price to Students:


Sammye Johnson and Patricia Prijatel

19 October 2012

The most comprehensive coverage of magazines on the market

Cover for 9780199764525

The Multimedia Journalist: Storytelling for Today's Media Landscape

Retail Price to Students:


Jennifer George-Palilonis

03 August 2012

A comprehensive and dynamic guide to becoming a journalist in today's multimedia landscape

Cover for 9780199838653

Principles of Convergent Journalism

Second Edition

Retail Price to Students:


Jeffrey S. Wilkinson, August E. Grant, and Douglas J. Fisher

15 June 2012

Gives students the skills to become versatile, working journalists in today's media landscape

Cover for 9780195374544

Ethics for Public Communication

Retail Price to Students:


Clifford Christians, John Ferre, and Mark Fackler

30 November 2011

A communitarian approach to media ethics

Cover for 9780199760039

Air Words: Writing Broadcast News in the Internet Age

Fourth Edition

Retail Price to Students:


John Hewitt

09 September 2011

Integrating more student exercises than any other text, Air Words offers the best instruction available in broadcast writing basics

Cover for 9780199945849

From Cronkite to Colbert: The Evolution of Broadcast News

Retail Price to Students:


Geoffrey Baym

15 January 2009

From Cronkite to Colbert argues that "fake news" should be understood as a new kind of journalism, one that has the potential to save the news and reinvigorate the conversation on democracy in today's society.

Cover for 9780195327779

Understanding Media Convergence

Retail Price to Students:


August E. Grant

09 December 2008

Bringing together incisive work by some of the leaders in the field, this compelling anthology outlines and investigates the broad theoretical and conceptual issues surrounding media convergence.

Cover for 9780195374025

Watchdog Journalism: The Art of Investigative Reporting

Retail Price to Students:


Stephen J. Berry

12 August 2008

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