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Case Studies in Biomedical Ethics: Decision-Making, Principles, and Cases

Second Edition

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Robert M. Veatch, Amy M. Haddad, and Dan C. English

October 2014

Featuring more than 100 case studies, this timely volume explores ethical questions arising from real-world situations faced by health professionals, patients, and others

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Principles of Biomedical Ethics

Seventh Edition

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Tom L. Beauchamp and James F. Childress

October 2012

The classic work that helped define the field of biomedical ethics, fully updated to include cutting-edge approaches

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Bioethics: Principles, Issues, and Cases

Second Edition

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Lewis Vaughn

September 2012

A truly unique hybrid text that combines extensive introductory and explanatory material, a wide variety of current readings, classic and contemporary cases, and more robust pedagogy than any other text

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Experimental Design for the Life Sciences

Third Edition

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Graeme Ruxton and Nick Colegrave

November 2010

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Bioethics: A Systematic Approach

Second Edition

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Bernard Gert, Charles M. Culver, and K. Danner Clouser

February 2006

This unique book poses questions - and answers - on controversial bioethical issues.

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