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Developmental Biology

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Cover for 9781605355795

Foundations of Neural Development

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S. Marc Breedlove

February 2017

Helps students understand how a single microscopic cell, a human zygote, can develop into the most complex machine on earth, the brain

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Ecological Developmental Biology: The Environmental Regulation of Development, Health, and Evolution

Second Edition

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Scott F. Gilbert and David Epel

June 2015

Presents the data for ecological developmental biology, integrating it into new accounts of medicine, evolution, and embryology

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A Dozen Eggs: Time-Lapse Microscopy of Normal Development

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Rachel Fink

DVD (Video)
October 2008

Offers superior footage of development, filmed by the researchers who work most closely with each particular species

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A Practical Guide to Developmental Biology

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Melissa Ann Gibbs

October 2003

Provides a solid foundation in classical developmental biology

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Fly Cycle 2

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Mary S. Tyler and Ronald N. Kozlowski

DVD (Video)
March 2003

Acquaints students with the fruit fly life cycle and a number of the mutants used in introductory courses

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The Evolution of Developmental Pathways

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Adam S. Wilkins

December 2001

Introduces upper-level students and biologists in other disciplines to evolutionary developmental biology and presents it within its larger context

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