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Genetics, Genomics, and Bioinformatics

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Genetics: Genes, Genomes, and Evolution

Philip Meneely, Rachel Dawes Hoang, Iruka N. Okeke...

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Cover for 9780195132946

Cloning, Gene Expression, and Protein Purification: Experimental Procedures and Process Rationale

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Charles Hardin, Jennifer Edwards, Andrew Riell...

March 2001

Cover for 9780198502319

Evolutionary Genetics

Second Edition

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John Maynard Smith

April 1998

Cover for 9780878934812

Genetics and Analysis of Quantitative Traits

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Michael Lynch and Bruce Walsh

January 1998

Brings together the diverse array of theoretical and empirical applications of quantitative genetics

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Genetic Data Analysis II: Methods for Discrete Population Genetic Data

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Bruce S. Weir

April 1996

The standard reference for ways to interpret discrete population genetic data

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