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Introductory Anthropology Courses


Welcome to our Introductory Anthropology publishing program.
Take a look inside at teaching and learning tools that:

  • Reflect our high scholarly standards
  • Speak effectively to today's college students
  • Represent the most current pedagogical trends

Featured Titles

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Cover for 9780199739387

Labor and Legality: An Ethnography of a Mexican Immigrant Network

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Ruth Gomberg-Muñoz

August 2010

Issues of Globalization: Case Studies in Contemporary Anthropology

A brief, engaging ethnography on undocumented Mexican workers in America that engages contemporary debates on immigration policy

Cover for 9780199945894

Paradigms for Anthropology: An Ethnographic Reader

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E. Paul Durrenberger and Suzan Erem

January 2010

From exotic to familiar settings, this anthology presents students with an overview of how anthropologists approach a variety of topics

Cover for 9780199945870

Anthropology Unbound: A Field Guide to the 21st Century

Second Edition

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E. Paul Durrenberger and Suzan Erem

January 2010

An anthropological way of understanding our own society and the world at large

Cover for 9780195386851

Exploring Biological Anthropology: An Integrated Lab Manual and Workbook

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Frank L'Engle Williams

August 2009

A fresh approach that really focuses on the scientific method

Cover for 9780192853462

Social and Cultural Anthropology: A Very Short Introduction

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John Monaghan and Peter Just

June 2000

An engaging overview of the field of anthropology, combining an accessible account of some of the discipline's guiding principles and methodology with abundant examples and illustrations of anthropologists at work.

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