What is Dashboard?

Dashboard is an online learning and assessment platform tailored to your textbook that delivers a simple, informative, and mobile experience for professors and students. It offers quality content and tools to track student progress in an intuitive, web-based learning environment; features a streamlined interface that connects students and instructors with the most important course functions; and simplifies the learning experience to save time and put student progress first.

What makes Dashboard different from other Learning Platforms?

We wanted to develop a platform that would really justify the term "learning solution" without the unnecessary complexity these "solutions" often create. We therefore asked you, the academic community, what you believe to be the most important factors in creating the ideal online platform to accompany an adopted textbook.

You answered: It should be simple to set up for my course and easy for my students to learn and use.

We've created Dashboard to be just that. The site navigation has been designed to be streamlined, intuitive, and as clear as possible. The platform is supported and administered by OUP, so you can focus on teaching rather than IT support. Once you have access to Dashboard, you and your students can start using it immediately. You can customize the content as little or as much as you like. We expect users to master the site in under 15 minutes.
Drag and Drop

You answered: It should be informative and provide immediate insight into student engagement and performance.

We understand that knowing students' progress is vital to effective teaching. Through Dashboard's Gradebook, you can track your students' learning and engagement from the beginning to the end of your course. The Gradebook's heat-map gives you an up-to-the-minute overview of test results, and a color-coded display makes it easy to identify which students have excelled or are falling behind.
Tracking Progress

You answered: It should be a mobile platform accessible from any internet-connected device.

Dashboard is cloud-based and accessible from virtually any internet-connected device. You can access Dashboard when and where you need it. You can review updates on your way to class to ensure that your slides reflect areas of urgency, or look over the heat map right before you meet with a student and know precisely how they're doing in the course.
Grading Platform

By focusing on these three key areas, we believe we've developed an online platform that provides the most user-friendly experience for both you and your students. But don't just take our word for it - find out for yourself. Contact your local campus representative today and they will be happy to set you up with demo access, and to visit you at a convenient time to explore how Dashboard can best be employed for your course.

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