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Fill in the Blank

  1. _____ believed that punishments should be proportional to crimes.

  2. Skinner’s _____ theory is based on the psychological principle of operant conditioning.

  3. According to differential association theory, crime is _____.

  4. Robert Merton’s strain theory was influenced by Durkheim’s theory of _____.

  5. _____ theory seeks to explain how delinquents drift between conventional lifestyles and delinquent ones.

  6. According to Bentham’s _____ theory, people are guided by desire for pleasure and aversion to pain.

  7. In labeling theory, there is an important distinction between _____ and _____ deviation.

  8. According to _____, women’s opportunities to commit crime are influenced by the greater controls they experience in society.

  9. _____ used the term somatotyping to describe the classification of three body variations.

  10. _____ believed that healthy people have a proper balance of id, ego, and superego.

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