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Word Search

Instructions: Use the definitions below to discover the correct term and then find the term in the puzzle.


  1. Practices, acts, and/or media accepted by a given social group who share a geographic area and/or government.

  2. The emendation of laws or statutes to lessen or remove penalties for specific acts subject to criminal prosecution, arrest, and imprisonment.

  3. The total removal of legal prohibitions on specific acts that were previously proscribed and punishable by law.

  4. The practice of engaging in sexual activity in exchange for money.

  5. The exchange of coital or sex-related activities for payment.

  6. “[A] person that has suffered direct physical, emotional, or pecuniary harm as a result of the commission of a crime.”

  7. An account given by the victim, the victim’s family, or others affected by the offense that expresses the effects of the offense, including economic losses, the extent of physical or psychological injuries, and major life changes.

  8. Behaviors that are deemed undesirable because they offend community standards rather than directly harm people or property.

  9. The study of victims of crime and their role in the criminal justice process.

  10. The idea that crime victims sometimes play an active role in initiating a crime or escalating it.


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