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  1. Actaeon was punished by Artemis because:
      a. He tried to seduce her.
      b. He insulted her mother, Leto.
      c. He bested Artemis in the hunt.
      d. He caught sight of her bathing.
  2. After having an affair with Zeus, Callisto was turned into a:
      a. dog
      b. man
      c. bear
      d. tree
  3. Hecate is a goddess of:
      a. the sun
      b. the moon
      c. fresh water
      d. crossroads
  4. Who was responsible for divulging Phaedra's secret to Hippolytus?
      a. Phaedra's nurse
      b. Phaedra herself
      c. Theseus
      d. no one; Hippolytus overheard his stepmother revealing her passion
  5. What city in Asia Minor was home to one of the most famous cult centers of Artemis?
      a. Delos
      b. Troy
      c. Miletus
      d. Ephesus
  6. What deity is seen as a foil to Artemis in Euripides' Hippolytus?
      a. Aphrodite
      b. Poseidon
      c. Apollo
      d. Athena
  7. With what two deities is Artemis usually associated?
      a. Athena and Apollo
      b. Hecate and Selene
      c. Selene and Helius
      d. Poseidon and Leto
  8. What was Orion punished for?
      a. He killed an animal sacred to Artemis.
      b. He unwittingly slew his own mother.
      c. He tried to rape Artemis.
      d. He saw Artemis bathing.
  9. In what guise did Zeus seduce Callisto?
      a. as Artemis
      b. as a shower of gold
      c. as a swan
      d. as a thunderbolt
  10. With whom of the following does Artemis not share the quality of chastity?
      a. Athena
      b. Callisto
      c. Hestia
      d. Minerva
  11. Who was the woman whose children were slain because of their mother's pride?
      a. Callisto
      b. Leto
      c. Niobe
      d. Hecuba
  12. What is the function of Artemis that she shares with Hera and Eileithyia?
      a. goddess of the moon
      b. goddess of childbirth
      c. goddess of the hunt
      d. protectress of young animals
  13. What is the meaning behind the Greek word sophronein as employed by various characters in Euripides' Hippolytus?
      a. to be temperate
      b. to love one's reputation
      c. to be wise
      d. to be pious
  14. Through what god does Theseus pronounce a curse upon his son?
      a. Zeus
      b. Poseidon
      c. Aphrodite
      d. Hades
  15. What is Phaedra's principal motivation in her initial silence, her disclosure to her nurse, and finally her suicide note?
      a. She is motivated by intense love for Hippolytus.
      b. She is motivated by love for her husband Theseus.
      c. She jealously wishes to guard her noble reputation.
      d. She wishes to protect the lives of her children.
  16. Which is not a part of the iconography of Artemis?
      a. She is often surrounded by nymphs
      b. Her only male attendant is Pan.
      c. She often wears a crescent crown.
      d. She usually is seen carrying a bow.
  17. In what city does Euripides' Hippolytus take place?
      a. Athens
      b. Chios
      c. Thebes
      d. Troezen
  18. In what constellation is the Dog Star?
      a. Ursa Major
      b. Orion
      c. the Little Bear
      d. Casseipeia
  19. Which is not another name for the constellation that Arcas became?
      a. the Great Bear
      b. the Little Beat
      c. Arcturus
      d. Bo├Âtes
  20. Of what city was Niobe queen?
      a. Smyrna
      b. Delos
      c. Thebes
      d. Sparta
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