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Multiple Choice Quiz

  1. As the definition of social media develops, what is one underlying element?
      a. The intersection between technology, social interaction, and sharing information.
      b. Microsoft is the primary developer.
      c. Use of the various elements is free.
      d. All of the above
      e. None of the above
  2. Classifying content in social media happens through an activity such as
      a. Alphabetizing
      b. Tagging
      c. Mapping
      d. Line up
      e. None of the above
  3. _______ was one of the first uses of the Internet and is still the most popular use, accounting for most of the traffic on the Internet.
      a. Blogs
      b. Chat rooms
      c. E-Mail
      d. Discussion Boards
      e. None of the above
  4. Social media audiences differ from those of traditional media because
      a. Traditional media audiences consume material created FOR them while social media audiences either dictate the type of product they want or bypass traditional producers to find products more suitable to their particular needs or desires.
      b. Traditional media audiences tend to be within a certain age, gender and socio-economic group, while social media appeals to virtually every age, gender and economic status.
      c. Social media audiences tend to be the millennial generation while traditional media are mainly Gen-Y.
      d. None of the above
  5. Unsolicited e-mail advertising is known as _______.
      a. Newsgroup
      b. Junk ads
      c. Spam
      d. None of the above
  6. What makes discussion boards a vital form of mass communication on the Internet?
      a. Participants are all experts and offer vital points to the discussions
      b. They offer free entertainment to bored consumers and require stimulating conversations
      c. Their format and asynchronous nature
      d. None of the above
  7. In social media, what type of marketing has become important for advertisers?
      a. E-mailed handbills and online press kits
      b. Word-of-mouth, or buzz marketing
      c. E Electronic ads
      d. Product placement
      e. All of the above
  8. When companies try to create faux-viral videos or make fake grassroots blogs, the practice is called
      a. Trolling
      b. Scrolling
      c. Lurking
      d. Astro-turfing
      e. None of the above
  9. Automated mailing list administrators that allow for easy subscription, subscription cancellation, and sending of e-mails to subscribers on the list are called
      a. Collaboration
      b. Trolling
      c. Listservs
      d. Multiple e-mails
      e. None of the above
  10. Blogs or weblogs are
      a. Web pages of short, frequently updated postings by an individual that are arranged chronologically.
      b. Messages of 140 characters or less.
      c. A category for discussion groups within Usenet.
      d. A web page that allows anyone to edit it.
      e. None of the above
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