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Multiple-Choice Quiz

  1. School is a primary institution of _____.
      a. religion
      b. juvenile justice
      c. militarization
      d. socialization
  2. Which is not an internal pressure of teaching school?
      a. absolute teacher authority
      b. standardization and regimentation
      c. standardized testing
      d. tracking
  3. Why might a school be unable to maintain adequate educational quality and student discipline?
      a. similarities between parental and school norms.
      b. students' success in school
      c. ease of teaching
      d. segregation
  4. Which is an important factor in the “school-to-prison” pipeline?
      a. academic success
      b. spending extra time in school
      c. graduating from high school
      d. none of the above
  5. Which is an example of primary deviance as related to school performance?
      a. Kids who give up on their educations because they think that they aren't cut out for school
      b. Kids who are placed in a classroom with other students who aren't expected to succeed
      c. Both a and b
      d. Neither a nor b
  6. A _____ is any small, exclusive group of people that controls how and if others may join.
      a. cohort
      b. peer group
      c. generation
      d. clique
  7. The infliction of physical harm on a person who has broken a rule or committed an offense is _____.
      a. beating
      b. bullying
      c. corporal punishment
  8. _____ is the philosophy of creating living and working spaces that are secure by design.
      a. Architecture
      b. Defensible space
      c. Target-hardening
      d. Tracking
  9. GED stands for _____.
      a. General Exception Diploma
      b. Generic Educational Degree
      c. General Education Diploma
      d. Getting Educated
  10. A _____ is a group or organization that demands undivided loyalty from its members.
      a. total institution
      b. penal institution
      c. social institution
      d. greedy institution
  11. Which is an academic goal of schools?
      a. teaching basic literacy skills
      b. teaching rational thinking
      c. teaching problem-solving skills
      d. all of the above
  12. Which has the most negative effect on schools' ability to fulfill their mission?
      a. appropriate class size
      b. generous funding
      c. multiple and conflicting mandates
      d. all of the above
  13. Some research has found that high school students were more likely to be victims of _____ at school.
      a. serious assault
      b. homicide
      c. rape
      d. theft
  14. Which is not a major aspect of school bonding?
      a. attachment to school
      b. attachment to personnel
      c. attachment to friends
      d. school commitment
  15. School bonding can affect students' _____.
      a. drug and alcohol use
      b. antisocial behavior
      c. academic performance
      d. all of the above
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