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Multiple Choice Questions

  1. Which New York City–based recording artist released the Latin Soul hit “Watermelon Man?”
      a. Bob Dylan
      b. Patsy Cline
      c. Ramon “Mongo” Santamaria
      d. Xavier Cugart
      e. Carole King
  2. Which California-based jazz saxophonist recorded the biggest hit of the bossa nova era, “The Girl from Ipanema?”
      a. Charlie Parker
      b. Stan Getz
      c. Ella Fitzgerald
      d. Louis Jordan
      e. Ramon “Mongo” Santamaria
  3. Which Los Angeles–born trumpeter and songwriter founded A&M Records, led the Tijuana Brass, and was known for such hits as “The Lonely Bull (El Solo Toro)” and “A Taste of Honey?”
      a. Louis Armstrong
      b. Bix Beiderbecke
      c. Maynard Furguson
      d. Herb Alpert
      e. Berry Gordy Jr.
  4. Which term refers to the mass adulation surrounding the Beatles?
      a. Beatlelove
      b. Beatle Bonkers
      c. Beatlemania
      d. Beatle Heads
      e. Beatle Bananas
  5. Which of the following was NOT a member of the Beatles?
      a. Paul McCartney
      b. John Lennon
      c. Ringo Starr
      d. George Harrison
      e. Brian Wilson
  6. Which surf guitarist was known for a characteristic “wet” sound, lead the Del-Tones, and was known for songs like “Pipeline” and “Misirlou?”
      a. Barry Gordy
      b. Ringo Starr
      c. Eleanor Rigby
      d. Dick Dale
      e. Moe Town
  7. What was the name by which the studio musicians with whom Phil Spector worked regularly at Gold Star studios became known?
      a. Viv Savage Band
      b. Wrecking Crew
      c. Funk Brothers
      d. Love Unlimited Orchestra
      e. The Raiders
  8. Which of the following is true about “The Twist?”
      a. It was essentially an individual, noncontact dance without any real steps generally done by a boy–girl couple facing one another
      b. It was a complex, Latin-tinged dance similar to the mambo and the rumba
      c. It was the first in a series of country line dances popular in the 1960s
      d. It involved male–female couples dancing together face to face with their arms embracing one another in a sexually suggestive manner
      e. None of the above
  9. What was the name of the record label founded by Phil Spector?
      a. Atlantic
      b. Chess
      c. K-Tel
      d. Philles
      e. Motown
  10. What was the name of Motown's house band in the 1960s that featured bass player James Jamerson, drummer Benny Benjamin, and keyboardist Earl Van Dyke?
      a. Jan and Dean
      b. The Supremes
      c. The Funk Brothers
      d. The Jackson Five
      e. None of the above
  11. Which of the following in NOT true about the song “Uptown” recorded by the Crystals and produced by Phil Spector?
      a. The song uses orchestral strings and percussion effects
      b. The song deals with class inequalities and economic injustice, which was very unusual for pop songs in 1962
      c. The ornate guitar figures and castanets add a “Spanish” sound to the recording
      d. The portion of the recording that describes downtown is presented in a minor key
      e. The recording prominently features an early electronic instrument called a theremin
  12. Which of the following is NOT true about the Beatles' number one hit from 1964, “A Hard Day's Night?”
      a. It was the title song from the Beatles' first movie
      b. The overall song is in AABA form
      c. The theme of the song involves the reward of returning home to a rewarding domestic relationship
      d. The song features flamenco guitar, castanets, and other “exotic” elements
      e. The song begins with a loud, isolated guitar chord that prepares the tense feelings described in the opening words of the song
  13. Which one of the following artists or groups recorded for Motown records in the 1960s?
      a. Beach Boys
      b. Beatles
      c. Crystals
      d. The Supremes
      e. Ronettes
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