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About the Book

As the role of the audience switches from one of listener to one of producer-consumer, and as video games increasingly permeate our daily lives, understanding interactivity and its impact on the audience is ever more important. This book marks the beginning of that journey into understanding the ways in which we interact with sound.

What does it mean to interact with sound? How does interactivity alter our experience as creators and listeners? What makes interactive audio different from non-interactive audio? Where does interacting with audio fit into our understanding of sound and music? What does the future hold for interactive media when it comes to our musical and sonic experiences? And how do we begin to approach interactive audio from a theoretical perspective? The Oxford Handbook of Interactive Audio answers these questions by exploring interactive audio in video games, performance, education, environmental design, toys, and artistic practice. Examining these questions from a range of approaches — technological, emotional, psychological, and physical — the book provides a thorough overview of the fascinating experience of interactive sound.

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